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Mastin Custom Stocks, Australian Stockmaker, and Distributor of        F class and Full Bore Stocks



Welcome to Mastin Custom Stocks

Phill Mastin has been creating quality Target rifle stocks since 1974.

Over the years he has used many different timbers and created many different styles, if you care to browse through the pages of this web site, you will see many examples of this mans work.

Ably assisted by wife Caroline,she's instrumental in the high quality preparation of these stocks.

A precision engine fitter/machinist by trade,Mastin use's many of his engineering skill's in the manufacture of his stocks. This produces an extremely well inletted and accurate product, professionally finished, and a joy to use.

Combining this with the Barnard target rifle action,we see the best example of Mastin's ability to manufacture the perfect drop in stock.

So if you're in the market for a new custom stock, that outshines all the rest, it might be worth your time to give Phill a call, and discuss your options.  


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